Podcast 43 – Solitary, Partner, or Coven


On our first episode back from summer break, we are looking at practicing magic alone, with a friend, or in a group. Plus we talk about finding teachers and styles of magical learning.

Download: New World Witchery – Episode 43

Some of the sources we discuss:

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4 Comments on “Podcast 43 – Solitary, Partner, or Coven”

  1. Chris Wildbore Says:

    Hi, do you do transcripts of your pod casts?

    On 13 August 2012 11:31, New World Witchery – the Search for American

  2. Great topic, and nice to see someone covering magical partnerships (though not unexpected from you all). Most folks seem to think there’s only solitary and group practice. I started with a partner, moved to solitary (partner decided to be Christian again), and now work both in a group and on my own. Groups can be wonderful but, as you pointed out, require a lot of scheduling and compromise to work.

    Can’t wait until the next podcast!

  3. Erin Says:

    Yeah you’re back!

  4. Ayslyn'sCorner Says:

    You’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award! Congrats! Check out the details here: http://ayslynscorner.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/sunshine-award/

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