Blog Post 75 – A New Look!

Hi everyone!

So you may have noticed a subtle change or two to our page today.  We have a new look here at New World Witchery, which hopefully makes us look a little more interesting.  Our fantastic web designer is none other than the lovely Sarah, Witch of Forest Grove (and The Pagan Bookworm and Hedgefolk Tales and proprietress of Forest Grove Botanica)!  Many many thanks to her for putting together such a neat design (especially that banner at the top—the old one was kind of sad looking).

If you run into pages or buttons that don’t work, please let me know so we can get those fixed.  Likewise, if you suddenly find one of your comments missing from a previous post, let me know that, too.  Some of them wound up being sent back into “hold” status during the update.

Again, a thousand thousand thanks to Sarah, and we hope you like our new look!

Thanks for browsing!


6 thoughts on “Blog Post 75 – A New Look!”

  1. love the new look and am about to listen to your latest podcast.. and just want to say.. i missed you guys.. **loves***

    *twirls about*

  2. Great new look guys! The lovely Sarah is amazing…! I love the look and I love the podcast…:-)

    1. Thank you so much Moonlight! Sarah’s pretty dang fantastic, and we’re really happy with the new design.

      Looking forward to more comments from you in the future!


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